Be subversive (in the very best sense of the word)

Take The Dare. Have your very own Subversive Friendship.

Maybe you already have a dynamic agreeable disagreeing relationship. Maybe you feel inspired to start one. Either way, tell us all about it here.

A Conversation Dare: Begin a Subversive Friendship

TreasonHave you noticed how people like (more and more) to hang out with people that think pretty-much-like-they-do?

How boring is that? If you really want to be counter-cultural, join those crossing the cultural divide WITHOUT a pitch-fork.

Take our conversation dare today by reaching out to your political opposite (or someone who disagrees with you substantially) – inviting them to coffee, or to grab something to eat, or just to meet-up for a conversation: “I’d like to better understand where you’re coming from” is a great place to start – making sure to follow your curiosity, and focus discussion on deepening understanding together.

This may be hard. This will be hard. And if you don’t have a subversive friendship yet, no fear. Make one. Post about it. Reach out. Be bold. Be a rebel.