meet our disagreeing
speaker pairs

Bring two people (and more than one opinion) to your campus.
If you dare.

our stories of treasonous friendships

People who disagree have changed history for the better (and can change the future)

The Power of And:
Straining Ideas fuel + inspire

The most interesting conversations have more than one idea in them.
Let Friendship redeem the republic

Respect + Rebellion

America isn't about a people who look and think alike, we're a country about big ideas and the embrace of clashing opinions to make the big ideas better ideas. We thought higher education deserved a better speaker series if we're going to keep doing all that.


The Village Square (noun):

A nervy bunch of liberals and conservatives who believe that disagreements make for a good conversation, a good country, and a good time.

Building the town hall of the 21st century across the partisan divide.

New campuses, new speaker pairs, new conversations. Stay in the loop.

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