Us vs. Them?
Rich v. Poor, Left v. Right, Faith v. Science. Oy.
2014-15 Dinner at the Square Season
Us vs. Them?

Whether it’s Russia’s incursion into the Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, the gaping division between rich and poor, terrorism, the latest disagreement on issues of race, election coverage or the daily smack between liberals and conservatives… when you pick up the morning paper, you’re likely to be reading about US and THEM.


The 2014-15 Dinner at the Square season will look at some of the deepest divisions and most challenging issues in American today – rich vs. poor, left vs. right and faith vs. science – seeking a wiser course, across the partisan divide.


Past event | Dinner at the Square | Fall 2014
Hedrick Smith:
Who Stole the American Dream?

We’ll be joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning former New York Times reporter Hedrick Smith, who’s written an important book about the powerful forces that have made the American dream pull further and further out of reach for far too many Americans.

Past event | Dinner at the Square | Winter 2015
David Blankenhorn:
American Values, Left and Right.

If you’re tired of thinking inside the box then this one’s for you. David Blankenhorn has spent his career thinking creatively and provoking constructive discourse about some of the most important and controversial cultural issues of our time.

Faith v. Science:
Logos, Mythos, Pathos

There are few areas of the culture war with deeper and more consequential divisions than the ongoing clash between faith and science. And just like with our other divisions, we’re having difficulty navigating the complexities of both faith and science without falling into our angry tribes.