Thank you for believing in this work - it isn't easy making pigs fly!

Thank you! Your donation was processed successfully and we can’t wait to continue building community with you! Please continue browsing our website – we do a lot of cool things because we want to make all of our donors proud. Thank you for believing in this work – it isn’t easy making pigs fly!

Village Square 101: A completely new extremely old idea. Tocqueville saw it first.

America’s founders were well ahead of their time when they built a country where “the constant clashing of opinion” solved problems. But now as technology too often divides us, to keep the marketplace of ideas healthy we’ll have to breathe a little life into the neighborly civic connections that used to exist without much effort on our part.

We’re rallying the troops again: Your $76 donation makes you a member

Take notice: To all brave, well disposed American citizens in this neighbourhood, who have any inclination to join the democracy, now raising under our founding principles. Join the Village Square. We exist through the support of membership donations from citizens like you.

Our Blue Sky Vision: Democracy that keeps faith with the original American idea

The Village Square builds community in our hometown across the ideological, racial, ethnic and religious divisions that have deepened so dramatically in our nation and that have prevented us from addressing the challenges we face together. Hometowns with strong and deep relationships are communities that thrive.

Our leadership: Meet our neighbors devoted to this Big Idea

When you set Big Audacious Goals like ours you’d better have a pretty audacious team leading you onward. Meet the bipartisan community of leaders who volunteer their time on our board of directors to embrace our Impossible + Mandatory mission – and our staff who make pigs fly daily. (They have to blow hard.)