Paul + Bo see human beings

Ideas fly and clash and rise and fall and find high ground and then go back around again – “any opinion I have is subject to empirical review”

When you’re in a room with Paul and Bo you realize you’re in a pretty unique space – where ideas fly and clash and rise and fall and find new higher ground like you’ve rarely (perhaps never) experienced. That’s about when you have a dawning realization that what we’ve been mistaking for civic dialogue lately is feeble, flat and boring. Then it all begins to make sense why we can’t solve problems anymore, since the rigid ideological ideas proposed are never forced to walk through the gauntlet of this kind of thoughtful jousting (instead they sit on the metaphorical couch and get all flabby from not being challenged, improved, “exercised.”)


But when you meet this pair, what will really shake the earth under your feet is that they do all this with humor, warmth, respect and personal friendship.  You see them and you know: this is what it looks like.  If only we could reproduce the spirit of this pair across the country, we could stop our anxiety-based-TV-consumption and live again. Oh wait, we are reproducing their spirit across the country and – lucky you – you can bring it to your campus.

Bo and Paul are both professors of psychology – and they’re both the professors that took you on a roller coaster ride through human nature and you couldn’t even believe some of what you heard and  you knew right away you couldn’t wait to take again.  They love to talk about what explains us as a species (and they rarely agree) and they’re particularly riveting when they talk about how that interacts with the messy task of running a democracy.

But this dynamic disagreeing duo has informed and clashing opinions on just about everything else under the broad topic of human nature + society (which as you might imagine includes things like immigration and culture and economics and education and race and relationships and climate change and so on and so on). You name the topic, they know something about it and boy do they ever have an opinion (opinions). The only problem we’ve ever had is they’ve got so much to talk about that it’s hard to get a word in (but we’ve made them promise that you will).

Oh and Bo is the best explainer of conservative thinking to liberals we have ever encountered.

You can see and hear Paul and Bo doing what they do here.

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Dr. Paul Conway
FSU School of Psychology
Bo Winegard
FSU School of Psychology