Kwaku +

Campus Democrats and Campus Republicans fight like cats and dogs, right?
No, it’s now a proven fact that they can be good friends.
(Nearly as amazing as the fact that you can fry ice cream.)

Two things that just don’t go together: Campus Democrats + Campus Republicans. But can they be friends? Like really good friends?

After meeting each other on the debate floor, these leaders of the different political groups on campus decided to talk more over fried ice cream. Is that even possible, you’re thinking? (Yes!  Miracles are possible. And ice cream doesn’t melt right away when you fry it).

To read more about their friendship – and the message they could share on your campus, click below.


Meet Kwaku El.

Latter-day Saint, Writer, Performer, YouTuber, Soda-lover

Tyler on Kwaku. Kwaku has qualities you might find in a Fortune 500 CEO – inquisitive enough to find problems many miss, and deliberate enough to solve them. Wise and thoughtful far beyond his years, and comfortable in any room and in front of any audience, Kwaku’s authenticity is warm enough to bring your guard down, while lifting your spirit up. I feel confident Kwaku is up to the challenge the Greeks gave to us so long ago- “To tame the savageness of man, and make gentle the harsh things of this world.”

Meet Tyler Clancy.

Christian, Conservative, Soldier, Podcast junkie, Dreamer, Bookworm, Lacrosse-player, Rom-Com Enthusiast, Truck-driver, Grillmaster, Karaoke star.

Kwaku on Tyler. Tyler is one of the best men I know. He is a patriot, a principled conservative, and a person who cares deeply about love and safety within human relationships and society. He’s either running an event to raise awareness about safe relationships or he’s grilling steak for all of his friends. He’s someone everyone knows and loves.

A Little More About Tyler & Kwaku’s Unorthodox Friendship:  Though they are on opposite sides politically, they have found a place they can both enjoy together.  

“The first time I saw Tyler, he was on stage debating the BYU Democrats,” writes Kwaku. He had that Southern politician charm. After that I would see him around, but never really knew him. From political events on campus, their friendship was more superficial – “all I knew is that Kwaku was easily in the top 3 best dressed students on campus” – and had a reputation as a good dancer, apparently!

After a town hall meeting, their post-conversation-turned-night-out became a game-changer.  “That’s when I knew we’d be friends” Tyler said. As Kwaku put it, “Anyone who likes fried Ice Cream understands the American dream.”

Their Talk: Stop Dividing the House against itself: How not DESPITE our differences we can solve problems, but BECAUSE of our differences we can solve problems.” 

Theme: If America wants to political hope of the world, we need to do better. We can’t assume ill-intention of the other side. We can’t attack, peddle conspiracy theories, refuse to listen, and see the worst. We have to see one another as brothers and sisters working together with diverse ideas to success.

The time-space continuum to consider: Kwaku and Tyler are both in Provo, Utah.

What they would need to come to your school: Travel and hotel and an honorarium of $250 each.

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