Listen: All Bollocksed Up? America + the World in the Age of Trump + Brexit | Dr. Justin Gest

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Here we are post-election in a world that seems to be solidly running amok, as world order itself seems to have the collywobbles and is coming undone. We discussed the global rise of nationalism and how it’s connected to tumultuous events – the election of Donald Trump, white working class politics – on this side of the pond. Joining us is Dr. Justin Gest, author of The New Minority: White Working Class Politics in an Age of Immigration and Inequality.

We’re past due for a neighborly heart-to-heart about the tectonic plates shifting across the planet, as powerful forces drive globalization inevitably onward and a certain number of citizens – near and far – are dragging their feet as they cumulatively scream stop! This is ultimately a conversation about the roiling class, education and geographic divides here at home.