Ice Cream and Horse Manure?
Faith in the Public Square
Past event | Dinner at the Square | Winter 2009
"ground well-trodden by angels and fools"

On the Colbert Report, pastor Tony Campolo contemplated the nature of the intersection between faith and politics – “It’s like mixing ice cream and horse manure. It doesn’t really affect the manure but it really messes up the ice cream.”

Wise warnings, however, haven’t stopped us yet. So we’ll dive right into this complex and controversial topic and imagine what a healthy functioning conversation of democracy looks like in a country in which every human being has the right to follow his or her conscience whether that leads us to faith or away from it.


Joining the discussion is Ken Connor, Chair for Center for a Just Society, The Reverend Dr. Allison DeFoor, and W. Dexter Douglass, former General Counsel for Florida Governor Lawton Chiles. The conversation with be facilitated by Dr. Leo Sandon of Florida State University.