Energy Alternatives a la carte:
Fossils and Sunshine and Garbage, oh my!
Past event | Dinner at the Square | Winter 2008
fossils + sunshine + garbage?

Now that we’ve gotten schooled on the economics of power generation, we’ll turn our attention to just what our choices really are, something that’s hard to really understand in the din of feuding voices on the matter. What’s the deal with coal and can it ever be clean? Are alternative greener sources really greener? Joining us will be people who really do disagree (and they’ll talk anyway).


We’ve taken the challenge to have a better conversation very seriously, and we’ll be having that conversation all year. (Who knew we could have a conversation longer than a soundbyte?) We’ll begin with this discussion that frames the topics that will follow: What do we need to understand about the economics behind our energy choices? How can you move an economy from old fuels to new ones without doing real damage? And are new alternatives even feasible or affordable? Join us with a friend who doesn’t agree with you at all, we’ll have disagree in a neighborly way like we ought to have been doing from the beginning.



Susan Story
CEO, Gulf Power
Sam Kalen
Van Ness Feldman
Barry Moline | Executive Director
Florida Municipal Electric Assn.